Friday, July 25, 2014

Ch. 2 Disruption

Sorry it has been a couple weeks!  It will take a little while for me to get into the groove of finding the time and discipline to start writing again.  It's not easy juggling kids, thesis, horses, photography, and writing!

Here is a brief little teaser.  More in a couple days.  I just want to torment you. <insert evil laugh>

I awoke with a start, unsure what had jerked me from a fine slumber.  My heart raced and fluttered in my chest almost painfully.  I was holding my breath.  Stars danced across my vision and I forced myself to take deep, steadying breaths while I lay in the dark.  Slowly, my pulse slowed though my heartbeat still hit hard against my ribs.  My body shook with the force of it.  I strained to hear over the thud-thud.

The usual comforting sounds of the night were mute.  It was eerily still in the darkness.  The coals of my fire glowed dimly as I searched the immediate area for danger.  I was careful to pay particular attention to my blind side.  Nothing.  I did not see anything.  My fingers inched toward the pistol that I kept nearby, just in case.


The sound echoed in the still night.  I jumped, barely concealing a cry.  My heart leapt into overdrive, if that was possible.  My fingers twitched reflexively and gripped the pistol tightly.  That was the sound of a gun firing.  It did not sound like it was far away.  Not at all.  It was too close.

Had Cole Bennett run into trouble? 

Crack!  Another shot.  Closer.  It echoed through the dark night.

I jumped to my feet.  The ground quivered and I heard the sound of pounding hooves.  They were not close, but in the quiet of the startled night the band of running horses may as well have been galloping right passed me.  Though I could not see them, I imagined Piper nipping at his mares.  His ears pinned, urging them on from danger. 

I searched blindly.  My one good eye saw nothing.  Nothing but darkness on earth and the stars in the night sky.  The moon was a mere sliver, providing no light.

The sound and rumble of pounding hooves faded.  There was one more shot, farther away this time.  And then, silence.

A frog croaked.  Crickets chirruped.  The night resumed.

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